Advantages of EC medium pressure axial fans

Slingerland Techniek offers efficient EC medium pressure axial fans, which not only impress with their size, but also with their excellent performance. These fans use highly efficient EC technology and have infinitely variable speed control, ensuring maximum airflow. The motor, electronics and aerodynamics are matched for a superior combination.

The advantages of Slingerland Techniek’s EC medium-pressure axial fans are numerous. For example, there is a protective grille on both the suction and discharge side (optional), providing touch protection according to the DIN EN ISO 13857 standard. Moreover, there is plenty of space between the protective grille and the impeller, which ensures a robust design thanks to the steel-coated welded construction.

The impeller

The fan impeller has high efficiency and low vibration thanks to the dynamic balancing in two planes of the impeller-rotor unit. The robust design with blade made of PAG and hub made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminium ensures a long service life.

Voorkant axiaal ventilator EC motor

EC Technology

The electronics of the EC medium-pressure axial fans are also of a high standard. Thus, there is easy commissioning thanks to the central connection section for power supply, fault signal relay, control and communication, which is integrated in the motor. The fan has infinitely variable speed and different voltage variants for worldwide use. Moreover, integrated derating function and integrated blocking and overtemperature protection guarantee reliable operation.

The motor

The fan’s EC motor features precise speed control to ensure fan performance and save energy. The IEC footprint offers interchangeability with induction motors and the market-leading IE5/IE6 efficiency level ensures long service life thanks to maintenance-free ball bearings. By using permanent magnets, there are no magnetic losses in the rotor.

Axiaal ventilator EC motoren


The motor holder has a robust design thanks to the steel welded construction and the double-flange housing provides lower noise emission and better efficiency with the optional rolled-in suction cone and minimal air gap. The robust sheet steel housing is optionally hot-dip galvanised and stainless steel and is easy to transport and assemble. Various mounting options are available, both with horizontal or vertical motor shaft, both on the suction and discharge side. Optionally, we can also provide cabling so that the connection box is accessible from outside.

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