9 November 2020

Why is ventilation indispensable?


Ventilation is the replacement of one part of air with another part. Usually polluted air is replaced by clean air. Ventilation should lead to an increase and improvement in the purity of air. In this article you will find out the most important reasons to ventilate.

Why is ventilation important?

A healthy living and working environment are essential for optimal work performance. Good ventilation is therefore indispensable. Spaces that are poorly ventilated can cause several health complaints. For example, coughing, colds, headaches, fatigue, … In addition, there is a risk of mould. It is therefore important to pay timely attention to your ventilation.
“Even when there are no people or activities taking place in an indoor climate, moisture is created daily that pollutes the air”.

It comes as no surprise that the activities that people carry out in an indoor climate lead to air pollution. You can think of simply moving and breathing people, but also cooking, heating and smoking lead to polluted air. In industry, this is of course once so much the case for production halls, for example. But even when there are no people or activities taking place in an indoor climate, moisture is created daily that pollutes the air. Ventilation will ensure that this polluted air is replaced by fresh air.

3 reasons why ventilation is indispensable

1. Improved air quality

It is well known that people benefit from breathing in fresh air. Exhaled air should therefore be expelled as soon as possible so that fresh air can be inhaled again. If your indoor climate is insufficiently ventilated, there will not be enough fresh air circulating around. This has a direct effect on air quality and therefore on people’s health.

2. Increased productivity

Poor air quality can cause various health complaints such as fatigue and headaches. A lack of fresh air can also lead to loss of concentration. Do you want to increase the productivity of your people? Or simply improve the mood of your loved ones? Perhaps better ventilation is the solution.

3. Necessary moisture extraction

In the introduction of this article we already briefly discussed the fact that poor ventilation can lead to mold formation. Besides the fact that mold is difficult to remove, it is also very bad for your health. These fungi arise because the released moisture can’t go anywhere. The moisture will then condense on windows, walls and ceilings. Prevent that released moisture leads to mold formation by making your ventilation in good time.

Types of mechanical ventilation systems

Mechanical ventilation can be carried out in different ways. It is possible to let the supply and exhaust of air take place completely mechanically, but there are also ventilation systems in which this can be done partially. There are three different types of mechanical ventilation systems:

Mechanical ventilation systems

What ventilation system is best suited for your indoor climate depends on a number of factors such as the type and size of the indoor climate.

Ventilation in the industry

ST Fans is specialized in the development of industrial fans. Ventilation in industry is very different from home ventilation. There are many different buildings that have different functions. These buildings have different ventilation requirements.

  • Office spaces: Importance of employee comfort. To achieve this, fresh air distribution, proper temperature control and CO2 removal are considered.
  • Factory halls: Importance of the efficient removal of dust and toxic gases.
  • Data centers: Importance of protecting the installations against overheating.

ST Fans understands that it is difficult for companies to indicate exactly what they are looking for. Often we are contacted with a problem and it is expected that the solution has to do with ventilation. In order to provide companies with the best possible service, we look at the business situation together. This means that we like to come and have a look on location. Subsequently, the possible solutions are discussed so that we can solve your business problem in full consultation.

Do you have a ventilation problem?

Do you recognize yourself in this problem and would you like to discuss your own situation with our specialists? Then contact us today!
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