November 9, 2020

COVID-19 and the importance of ventilation

COVID-19 Ventilation

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Despite the fact that not everything is yet known about COVID-19, we know that the virus spreads through airborne particles – also called aerosols – that are released when shouting, sneezing or coughing. In order to prevent the spread of the contagious aerosols, ventilation is extremely important. In cooperation with Formula Air, Slingerland Techniek has therefore worked hard on the E-PURE APSRA particulate filters. An air cleaner that filters 99% of the atmospheric particles out of the air.

Corona infections Netherlands

Despite a flood of warnings, the second wave is still a fact. At the time of writing there are 8,740 corona infections in the Netherlands. Prime Minister Rutte has therefore once again taken stricter corona measures. The hospitality industry has had to close its doors again and teleworking is once again the norm. It is by no means certain that this will change before Christmas.

COVID-19 and the importance of ventilation

Good ventilation is necessary for a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. In times of the coronavirus, extra attention is paid to ventilating indoor areas as it limits the transmission of infectious aerosols. The RIVM advises nursing homes, catering establishments, sports clubs, schools and companies to pay a lot of attention to this.

The first wave took place in the spring, heading towards the summer months. Natural ventilation where windows and doors are opened was a logical but temporary solution. Now that the second outbreak takes place in the autumn and we are heading towards the winter, it is less obvious to open windows and doors. That is why alternatives are being looked at. Air conditioning does not do this by the way. Airco only pumps the air around and does not remove any virus particles from the air.


Since the outbreak of the virus, many companies have set to work to contribute to society. Like Formulair Air and Slingerland Techniek. This is where the E-PURE ASPRA S400 and  E-PURE ASPRA M2500 originated from. After extensive research and numerous tests, the air purifier has proven to be 99% filtration efficient. This means that it also captures and removes the virus particles in the air.

Product description

The E-PURE ASPRA filters permanently remove viruses, bacteria, harmful substances, fine dust, pollen and fungi from the air. The M2500 is a freestanding air cleaner, which is easily movable and can be extended with an activated carbon filter that neutralizes the gases and odors present. The S400 is the smallest air cleaner and can be placed freestanding or installed by wall mounting.

With a capacity of 2.500 m3/h, the E-PURE ASPRA M2500 is suitable for filtering the air in a room where up to 50 people are present. Think of classrooms, production companies, office buildings, government buildings and public spaces such as shopping malls, congress halls and restaurants.

The E-PURE ASPRA S400 has a capacity of 400m3/h and is therefore extremely suitable for spaces up to 200 m3. Think of small stores, waiting rooms, meeting and treatment rooms, offices, elevators, etc.

What does the air cleaner remove from the air?

  • Fine dust
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Moulds
  • Fragrances
  • Gases

Tested and recognized by independent institutes

The E-PURE ASPRA products have been tested by several independent institutes. Results show that 99% of the atmospheric particles are filtered by the ASPRA technique.


  • Removes ultra fine dust quickly and efficiently
  • 99% filtration efficiency
  • Captures and inactivates viruses
  • Particularly low energy consumption
  • Outperforms HEPA technology
  • Lower absenteeism due to healthy indoor air
  • No risk of fungal or bacterial growth as in textile or paper filters
  • Easily movable
  • Does not affect the indoor climate
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low noise level
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