Case study

Tarmac recyling


One of our customers was commissioned to design a processing plant for the recycling company in the south of the Netherlands. In this processing line, they would process tar-containing asphalt granulates in an environmentally friendly manner into usable sand and gravel. Together with our partner, we have offered a fan for the extraction system.


The milled asphalt that is removed from the roads arrives at the factory and is dumped on a conveyor belt, the material is then dumped into a drum. Hot air is added to the drum, causing the sand and gravel to separate from the tar-containing asphalt, then it goes over hovering machines and the other dust-containing air is extracted via cyclones. Our fan is behind it. In this process, the temperatures in the drum can rise to 700 ° Celsius, so this air had to be extracted by our fan.



We are the only supplier in the Netherlands to offer a fan with the following features that emerged from the test report:

  • Operational operating point is 75,900 m³ / h at 294.3 mm H2O.
  • Theoretical operating point at maximum efficiency is 70,523 m³ / h at 319.4 mm H2O
  • Verification point is 77298 m³ / h at 274.3 mm H2O.
  • The intake of this fan is no less than 79.5kW with a maximum permitted power consumption of 82.1kW.
  • The fan is fully insulated to protect the motor from the extreme temperatures.
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