Case study

Stainless steel fan in the food industry


Our customer develops machines for the food industry. In the food industry high demands are placed on the material properties of the parts and components.

Robust, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean materials are required, which do not change either the taste or the color of the products on contact with food. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel possesses these properties. Therefore, stainless steels such as 1.4401 or 1.4404 are widespread and popular materials in the food industry.


A factory specialized in the development, production and marketing of high quality pet food for utility, sport and companion animals needed an extra production line for pet food.

In the production process, ingredients are mixed in mixers and cooked after which they are transported to a drying line to be cooled by air before they are packaged. In the past they used plastic drying fans with a standard steel coated motor. Because of the intensive cleaning cycles of the machines, the motors had to lead heavily and the lacquers started to come loose. These lacquers straightened out in the process and as a result they rejected the final product.

The customer was therefore urgently looking for a solution to this problem.


For this customer we have developed a fan completely made of stainless steel. So not only the fan housing,  bolts and nuts are in stainless steel. Also the motor is complete in stainless steel. A beautiful result that fully complies with today’s strict standards in the food industry. 


Are you also interested in a stainless steel fan?

In general, stainless steel fans are often used in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and the food industry, where corrosion must be avoided. Hygiene is the main reason for this. We have an extensive range available in stainless steel. Contact us for advice without obligation on + 31 (0)33 465 13 92 or use the contact form.

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