Case study

Bespoke roof fans for hazardous substances warehouse

Slingerland’s mechanical roof fans are versatile. Do you want to provide optimal ventilation and efficiently drain polluting substances at your office, commercial or industrial building? Read all about how we helped a customer with a newly constructed warehouse with our high-quality roof ventilation.

High-quality roof ventilation to prevent calamities

We supplied these roof fans to a logistic service provider with a newly constructed warehouse for storage and transshipment of hazardous materials. As an installer, they specialised in detecting small concentrations of hazardous materials and also supplied ventilation. They had taken good care of the company’s air management for years and their search for better ventilation led them to Slingerland. The intention was to prevent calamities resulting from the concentration of these high-risk substances.

No less than 84 industrial roof fans

For the aforementioned reason, the logistic centre was divided into 42 compartments. Self-evidently, they needed 42 fans for optimal air supply and another 42 fans for air extraction. A total of no less than 84 mechanical roof fans! It was a challenge to compose an affordable solution with both supply and extraction roof fans. Since most standard roof fans are used to air extraction, Slingerland designed a bespoke model for supply fans.

Mechanical axial roof fans for both air supply and extraction.

In collaboration with the customer, we created a custom roof fan for this specific application. We deliberately went with an axial fan fitted with a plastic canopy. The bottom plate had an inlet cone and axial casing of (fully) galvanised steel. These industrial roof fans had a diameter of 630 mm and an air displacement capacity of no less than 20,000 m3/h each.

Are roof fans the ideal solution for the air quality at your company?

Does your company, office or industrial building suffer an impure indoor climate and insufficient ventilation? We are happy to sit down and discuss high-quality, bespoke roof or other fans for your company. Please feel free to contact us for a meeting, no strings attached: we are happy to discuss the possibilities in person!

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