Case study

Free-running plastic fan


An incubator manufacturer asked us if we could equip their cabins with cleanable fans that would distribute the air equally throughout the cabin. Reliable, constant and optimal air conditions is essential for this customer.


The challenge was that we had to create a constant airflow, but in addition the fans also had to be easy to clean. Because hygiene is essential in this process. Bacteria can completely disrupt the process. In addition, the solution also had to remain affordable, so that the customer could also offer their products competitively.


In close cooperation with our customer, we have designed a concept that generates a constant airflow as well as guarantees hygiene. We have designed a very compact centrifugal fan so that not too much space was lost. The fan has a plastic impeller, plastic pressed cap and the motor plate and sides are anodized aluminum. The fan hood is easy to open so that it can be completely cleaned internally.

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