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18 Integrated centrifugal ventilators for the production of wood dust filters

Our integrated centrifugal ventilators, version 5, recently proved to be indispensable in the production process of dust filters. Several crucial factors had to be taken into account, and in such cases, there is no better point of contact than Slingerland! Read here how we successfully resolved a challenge for a satisfied customer with our exceptional industrial ventilators.

Sustainable centrifugal ventilators with low operating costs

With our centrifugal ventilators, we recently assisted a customer with a highly respected name in the production of dust filters. This company had over 70 years of experience in the agro, wood and recycling industry and offered innovative quality solutions for industrial dust extraction. The key factors? Unparalleled sustainability, high efficiency and low operating costs. With our integrated centrifugal ventilators, version 5, we could certainly deliver!

High-efficiency horizontal centrifugal ventilators required

In close cooperation with the customer, Slingerland searched for high-efficiency centrifugal ventilators that could also be installed quickly and efficiently. This saved time during the construction of their filter systems, namely when the horizontal centrifugal ventilators were mounted in the clean side of the filter. Easy to assemble, easy to maintain and high quality!

The solution? Version 5 centrifugal ventilators that are quick to install

The horizontal centrifugal ventilators we selected were equipped with B5 motors, which could be easily mounted on the ventilator housing with a flange. In addition, we equipped this version 5 centrifugal ventilator with a frame on the underside so that it could be easily mounted via the top of the filter.

The customer then provided its own cone, which connects the inlet of the integrated centrifugal ventilators directly to the filter section below the clean air side. There, the horizontal centrifugal ventilators could draw in the air through the filter sleeves, thus filtering the air from the process. In addition, these horizontal centrifugal ventilators were all frequency-controlled and of excellent quality.

Are you also searching for integrated centrifugal ventilators? Feel free to contact us!

Would our version 5 centrifugal fans also make a difference for the air management in your company? Then we’d like to invite you to sit down with our experts for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the possibilities. At Slingerland, you’re always welcome!

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